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by April T.T.T.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
14/04/11 08:00

this morning a guy with a lady got into TTC Yonge subway train at the St. Clair station. the guy started swearing at Chinese and immigrants, he was saying that: . Chinese are... more>>


by jenn

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
14/03/11 06:54

Just witnessed, an old Chinese lady was trying to buy token at finch subway station by offering discount coupons from a Chinese store. the ttc guy told her he can't accept coupons,... more>>


by Mr. O

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
22/02/11 06:38

I witnessed two guys were fighting in the St. Andrew subway station in Toronto. They started fighting on the escalator and when they got out it went worse. One of the guy's eyebrow... more>>


by Anonymous

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
21/02/11 14:50

what is happening at 411 duplex avenue apartment, all of the security cameras, including the pool's, have been removed, some strange people (look like drag dealers?) are coming to... more>>


by Dark. P.L.R

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
19/02/11 23:45

witnessed 30 minutes ago: a really drunk guy may be around 30-35 years old fell down from 10 steps stairs around Elliot park. the guy was really drunk, I asked him for help but... more>>


by Anonymous

Lander, Wyoming, United States
17/02/11 07:35

to the bicycle riders in Lander, Wyoming, you guys / ladies should be more careful while riding in the city, one of you passed me fast and dangerously in this morning while i was... more>>


by family oriented

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
16/01/11 13:10

just witnessed, a couple were trying to have s-e-x in their car at a parking spot. hey yoo, there are kids around, pay $80 to a hotel room if you don't have a place to have s-e-x more>>


by Paul

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
14/12/10 15:51

Just witnessed a guy in his early 20s almost get hit by two vehicles crossing infront of Longos at Yonge and Bloor. The guy only looks East, and when he gets to the yellow line,... more>>