Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Alexie

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
14/12/11 17:09

SHOUT OUT to the lady from CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency), be more respectful and patient to your clients.

Today, I called CRA's 1 800 959-8291 number to ask for Option C print out of my 2010 Notice of Assessment. The lady asked me few questions, such as my SIN number, address, birth day, and my last year's NET PERSONAL INCOME (*).

Then she told me that a mail they sent returned them back because of wrong address. She told me that they can't reach me since 2008!

I asked her, how come I could get 2008, 2009 and 2010 notice of assessments by mail if you guys can't reach me by mail. Even I answered my last year's NET PERSONAL INCOME(*) from the 2010's notice of assessment.

Then she asked me again to check 2010's notice of assessment, and find out what address was written. I checked the document, which doesn't have any address information. I told her, I can't find my address written on the document.

Suddenly she got angry, and in a angry voice, told me that, 'are you saying that I am wrong?'

She was saying some stupid things that I really don't wan't to write here, because if I read this post again, I don't want to remember.

But still, I was really calm. I told her, why are we arguing here, I can't see a reason. I didn't tell you that you are wrong, I just told you that I have mails since 2008.

The story has mode details, but i really don't want to go through them.

One more thing, I know the lady's name, but as I am respectful to her, her husband (if she has), and her kids (if she has), I am not going to give her name here. But she was really rude, and disrespectful.

Another shout out to CRA, you guys should train your staff about how to behave to their clients.