Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Mr.O

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
22/11/11 21:05

As always, we had another TTC problem today. This one was related with the signalling.

None of the trains on the Yonge / Bloor line (south-north / east-west) worked between 5:10pm to 6:10pm.

It was crazy crowded in the subway station.
First they announced that the shuttle buses are running, so a lot of people including us went to the street for the buses. Then, a TTC officer came and told us that the subway trains are running, but slow. So, we went back to the subway station. Then another announce saying only the Bloor line buses are running, not the Yonge line one. Of course I was swearing a lot, because believe me it took 10-15 minutes to go back to the subway station, it was that much crowded...

Anyway, long day - short story, TTC sucks, period.



As usual TTC solves problems in the TTC way!!!! Go there, and then go there, and then wait 5min, and then wait 10min, train is coming, o, it will be delayed and etc.... It's typical of TTC!!