Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
11/03/11 01:53

Huge earth quake in Japan, level 8.9. I am really sorry for Japanese who lost their life. I hope there won't be too many lost



I am watching CNN now, tsunami is floating everything in front of it. it is really scary. now i believe more to end of the world in 2012
OMG, shout out to everyone, the world is coming to the end, the doomsday is very close. the tsunami in japan is the worst disaster i have ever seen, looks worse than the Indonesian tsunami happened in 2004.
my shout out goes to people who believes in the doomsday and 2012 fairy tales. read some science magazines, watch documentaries, read some history books. japan had big earthquakes almost every 10 years in the past, so this one is also normal. just because the tvs are showing it doesn't make it the worst in the history. another thing is on march 19 the moon will be very close to the world, it is called the supermoon. this could cause the earthquakes as the moon's magnetic affect will be more
mr pro from Boulder Montana is absolutely right. 8.8 is not the biggest earthquake ever, this is the 5th biggest earthquake in the LAST CENTURY, so, this means there were bigger ones in the past, and the world still hasn't seen the doomsday yet :). shout out to ignorants, when you watch movies or cartoons please don't believe in them, we will all see year 2013
my condolences goes for Japanese who lost their lives in Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster. Japanese had bigger disasters in their history, i am sure they will recover also this one
shout out to all human being: we all should help to Japanese, Libyans, Egyptians, all the poor nations, all the people who are in bad conditions, all the women who are being tortured, all kids who have to work. do not wait until to disasters or problems come to you. forget about all the political discriminations
God help to Japan, I was watching TV, it seems and explosion rocks the third Japanese reactor because of hydrogen tubes. radiation from the reactor is spreading, they extended the quarantine to 30 km, and currently they are using seawater to cool down the reactor. shout out to everyone to pray and help to Japanese.
shout out to all governments, turn off the nuclear plants, what happened in Chernobyl, what is happening in Japan's Fukushima plants are telling you something, renewable energies should be your main focus other than the technologies which destroy the mother nature and humans
I am deeply sad about the Japanese who lost their life during the recent deadly tsunami.This nation had a lot of big problems in the past, we all grow up by hearing the nukes dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, now they are having another nuke disaster, Fukushima nuclear plant.