Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
29/02/12 21:56

S-O to people who are cruel to animals, go to hell morons, what kind of human being tortures poor dogs like this, even I am ashamed to call you as human.

The attached video had been recorded in Bulgaria, and those bastards are doing a ceremony to get protected from dog hydrophobia.

Just look at the white dog's tail, how he/she was swinging, he/she was thinking that those idiots are playing with him. I am really feeling sick after watching this video, i can't hold my tears

For God sake what century we are living in, isn't Bulgaria in the European Union, why the government is not doing anything



This is f'ing disgusting.... what humour do they find in twisting a dog in the air like that and dropping it into water? r u kidding me? I do not understand the mentality of these degenerates. Let's tie up all of the participants and spectators and see how they feel about it. these idiots do not deserve to live. this is why societies cannot progress forward, they practice this medival sh$% and think it has relevance in the modern world.