Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Ellen Wn

Ordway, Colorado, United States
12/05/11 19:32

SOL to the stupid mother who gives botox to her 8 years old daughter. you are an ignorant, idiot, stupid, thoughtless mother. the government should take away your doughter from you. poor little girl, even you did waxed her upper leg area. OMG, really, she is just 8 years old.
i advice you to go to a physician ASAP.



she is absolutely insane, botox and waxing to a 8 years old girl? i'd splash this mother's face if she was here.
i am ashamed to say but my sister was also waxing my niece's legs when she was around 10 years old. how many times we told my sister not to do it but she was saying, 'my daughter deserves to be beautiful'. my niece is 19 now, and she doesn't leave her room without make up. i really expect from government at least urge the mother not to continue this idiocy.
i'm glad to hear that the girl who was injected with botox by her mother removed from her mother's custody.
what an idiot mother
she is a dumb ass mother, she should go to jail for child abuse, child exploitation, and any other code under child slavery laws.
Poor girl, ignorant mother
i cannot even look at the picture, what a ferocious mother