Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by J.K

North York, Ontario, Canada
17/10/11 23:14

411 duplex avenue building sucks, not only the management but also some of the tenants.
- the management isn't good because they promised to open the pool in 5 weeks in the last spring, but it hasn't been opened yet, almost 9 months has past.
- some of the tenants are not good because they are stupid and disrespectful. look at the picture, the walls were renovated just last year, and a stupid tenant broke the plasters on the wall, i believe just for fun. another stupid one bended the steel door at the C level, and anotherone broke the handles in the 4th elevator. (may be they are all the same guy). also the elevators are dirty everytime, and only 2 of them work properly at a time, so we have to wait 5-10 minutes..

looking forward to move out this place. if it wasn't the location, yonge & englington, I would leave today.



i see too many complains but no action here. if you are not really happy with 411 duplex ave, just move out to somewhere else, or call them to express your complaints. 411 duplex is under Cap Reit management, and their phone is 416-486-1662